A broad and international team of collaborators has drafted the Biomedical Engineer’s Pledge (https://www.upf.edu/web/biomedical-engineers-pledge) as an equivalent of the Hippocratic Oath but for biomedical engineers. Full reasoning on it can be found in a manuscript at https://zenodo.org/records/8102693.

This year for the first time the graduates in biomedical engineering of the University Pompeu Fabra in Spain will read the pledge on 5th of July. The IFMBE congratulates the biomedical engineers and collaborators who formulated the biomedical engineer’s pledge and the biomedical engineering graduates who will take the pledge.

The website of the pledge is already prepared and the full text of the pledge may be found in a section of “Institutional endorsements” (https://www.upf.edu/web/biomedical-engineers-pledge/institutional-endorsements).