The International Academy of Medical and Biological Engineering (IAMBE) is made up of fellows who are recognized for their outstanding contributions to the profession and are elected to the Academy. Nominations are screened by the membership committee of the Academy and the election is by a vote of the Academy fellows.

IAMBE is a part of IFMBE, responsible to the IFMBE General Assembly and its Administrative Council, and operates under the auspices of the IFMBE Constitution and Bylaws. The Academy is established by IFMBE for the following purposes.

  • The Academy operates under its own Bylaws which are approved by the IFMBE General Assembly and a link to the IAMBE bylaws
  • The Academy is to conduct programs which will serve to encourage young people entering the field and their development in the early stages of their career.
  • The Academy, upon request of the IFMBE Administrative Council, also shall serve as a resource for IFMBE and its various units.