This index lists new and innovative original research articles in the February 2024 MBEC Issue specially chosen to be highlighted by the Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing Editor-in-Chief in cooperation with their Editorial Board.

Each chosen article will be freely-accessible for 2 months after being chosen.

Here are five Editor’s Choices from the February 2024 issue:
1. Argelia Pérez-Pacheco, Roberto G. Ramírez-Chavarría, Rosa M. Quispe-Siccha & Marco P. Colín-García, Dynamic modeling of photoacoustic sensor data to classify human blood samples2. Giulio Steyde, Edoardo Spairani, Giovanni Magenes & Maria G. Signorini , Fetal heart rate spectral analysis in raw signals and PRSA-derived curve: normal and pathological fetuses discrimination3. Runkai Zhang, Rong Rong, John Q. Gan, Yun Xu, Haixian Wang & Xiaoyun Wang, Reliable and fast automatic artifact rejection of Long-Term EEG recordings based on Isolation Forest4. Eugenia Moris & Ignacio Larrabide, Evaluating sleep-stage classification: how age and early-late sleep affects classification performance5. Tao Liu, Yonghua Lu, Jiajun Xu, Haozheng Yang & Jiahui Hu, 3D reconstruction of bone CT scan images based on deformable convex hull

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