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IEEE EMBS Grand Challenges Forum on COVID-19

Dear Colleagues

All of us worldwide have been encountering complex and unprecedented challenges posed by COVID- 19. Please find below the announcement on the IEEE EMBS Grand Challenges Forum on COVID19 to be held virtually from 12th to 15th, November, 2020.

The forum aims to highlight and discuss the challenges and opportunities in COVID-19 screening, tracing, and treatment. The forum is organized by IEEE-EMBS, which is a transnational society of IFMBE. We strongly encourage the members of our Federation’s constituent societies to register and attend the timely and valuable sessions at the Forum. Registration is free and is required to attend the Forum.

The link for the Forum is:

On behalf of IFMBE, I wish to express our sincere thanks to Prof Metin Akay, President-elect of IEEE-EMBS 2020 and Chair-elect of IAMBE 2020 for his collaborative efforts and sending us the invitation and the announcement on this exciting Forum. We are very grateful to the organization of the Forum by the distinguished leaders of IEEE-EMBS, Dr Shankar Subramanian, President, IEEE-EMBS, Dr Metin Akay, President-elect, IEEE-EMBS, Forum Program Chairs Dr Paulo Bonato and Dr Colin Brenan.

Please take care. Stay safe and healthy.

Best Regards,
Shankar Krishnan
President, IFMBE