Affiliated Organisations

Membership of an affiliated society constitutes Federation membership, including the reduced membership rate for the IFMBE Journal: Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing incorporation the Cellular Engineering, and for conferences for which a reduced rate is applicable.

Groups or organized societies in countries not at present affiliated with the federation are invited to contact the Secretary-General for information on the procedure.

The number of delegates which may represent each Member Organization at the General Assembly shall, to the nearest integer, be equal to the common logarithm of the number of individual members in that organization, as follows:


Number of Members
Number of Delegates
31 or less
32 to 316
317 to 3162
3163 and above


If an actual membership number cannot easily be determined, as for instance when the Member is a national liaison body of several societies, the Administrative Council may negotiate with the Member Organization an agreed effective number of members for the purpose of arriving at dues and the number of Delegates to be appointed.