The Summer School has concluded with tremendous success! Held at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá from July 2nd to July 6th, 2024, our students showcased their passion and skills in the Hackathon, a standout event where boundaries were challenged and creativity flourished.

We are pleased to announce the winners of the Hackathon:

1st Place – Heart Atack Interventions Project: Abigail Torres, Claudia Zavaleta, Gerson Pérez, Joaquín Sánchez, Juan Carlos Cañón, Nathalie Rugamas, Sergio Herrera


2nd Place – Physical Motion Monitoring and Promotion Project: Alexys Melendez, Bruna Souza, Camila Renderos, Ernesto Isidro Acero, Isabella De La Hoz, Jhoana Rodriguez, Melany Barrantes, Samael Cruz


3rd Place – Vision Impairment Assist Device and System Project: Ana Herrera, Isabel León, Jessica Gomez, Johan Asto, Luciano Lopez Calleja, Natalia Parra, Rodión Tabares, Yerik Illanes

We extend our congratulations to all participants for their dedication and effort. Your contributions have made this Summer School an unforgettable and enriching experience for everyone involved.

Thank you to each of you for making this event a great success!