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Call for Awards 2018 | Nomination Extension (update)


We wish to express our sincere thanks to the Societies who have submitted nominations for various awards. Leaders from some societies may still be busy with the reports, presentations and the final exams of the fall semester. In order to obtain a fair distribution of regional representations. the Officers of IFMBE met in person, discussed and agreed to allow an extension of submission of nominations by about three weeks to January 5, 2018, for the following four award nominations.

  • Otto Schmitt Award,
  • Vladmir K. Zworykin Award,
  • John A. Hopps Distinguished Service Award and
  • IUPESM Award of Merit

Please note that based on the request from IAMBE,the deadline for the nominations for the joint IFMBE-IAMBE Early Career Award (one for each region) is February 1.

Kindly arrange to send all the nominations with supporting documents to, with cc to

We thank all our constituent national and transnational societies for their continued support to IFMBE activities.

We wish to extend our Holiday Greetings to you and hope to see you at the World Congress 2018 in Prague.

Best Regards,
Shankar Krishnan
Chair, Awards Committee