It is with a great pleasure that on behalf of the Clinical Engineering Division (CED) of IFMBE I would like to invite to browse and learn from the newly posted Spanish translation of the Ziken books series. The (6) books were translated into Spanish by the efforts of the Biomedical Engineering faculty and students at Tec de Monterrey medical school in Monterrey, Mexico. The translation project includes about 1,500 pages.

You can find the translation and other resources at:

In particular, I would like to recognize the efforts of Dra. Gabriela M. Ruiz, Directora del Departamento de Ingeniería Biomédica ITESM Campus Monterrey, who volunteered to initiate and to mentor the progress and the completion of this tremendous work. This work was funded by IFMBE/CED and will serve as a starting stage for more translation work in the future. The major goal of this project is to facilitate sharing of knowledge, networking and help professionals in our field to grow further wherever they are around the globe.

While efforts were made to insure accuracy of the translation, I would like to encourage you to forward me any suggestions or comments regarding correction of errors you may find.

Please help disseminate access to the translation by sharing the CED website URL with all your colleagues. Please take the time to convey your appreciation of this important project to Professor Gabriela M. Ruiz at: [email protected]

Thank you and best wishes for Happy Holidays season to all.