In Call for Nominations

2012 Call for Nominations

Call for Nominations for IFMBE Officers and AC Members

(Closed: 20 February 2012)

At the World Congress in Beijing, China in May 2012, elections will be held to fill several IFMBE leadership positions, including President-Elect, Secretary-General, Treasurer and 4 Administrative Committee members.

Each member Society is entitled to nominate candidates for the election. These nominations are given to the Nominating Committee who will select from the list of individuals nominated by their societies and prepare the slate to be included on the ballot at the General Assembly.

In selecting nominees, please be sure that they are willing to serve and that they are aware that the Administrative Council meets at least once a year in conjunction with an IFMBE sponsored conference. The IFMBE funds the costs of accommodation/ meals for the evening prior to the AC meeting and for the two days of the AC meeting. It is expected that Administrative Council members will fund their own travel. Upon application to the IFMBE Treasurer, limited funds are available.

In order that an informed decision can be made by the General Assembly when voting, please provide the requested information below for your nominations:

1. NOMINATION BY NATIONAL/TRANSNATIONAL SOCIETY – For your society, signed by you, giving the names of the people your Society would like to nominate for the various positions.

2. NOMINEE INFORMATION (please complete one form for each nominee) – To be completed with the required information about your society’s nominees and signed by the nominees expressing their willingness to serve should they be placed on the ballot and elected.

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Please send all completed forms to no later than 20 February 2012.


(Closed June 30, 2011)

The IFMBE Otto Schmitt Award and the Vladimir K. Zworykin Award will be presented on the occasion of the World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering to be held in May 2012 in Beijing, China. The IFMBE Awards Committee is responsible for the selection of two awardees to be honored. The IFMBE Otto Schmitt Award recognizes a Biomedical Engineer for exceptional contributions to the advancement of the field of medical and biological engineering while the Vladimir K. Zworykin Award recognizes a Biomedical Engineer for outstanding research contributions in the field of medical and biological engineering.

In addition, IUPESM Awards of Merit will be presented to a recognized Medical Physicist and a Biomedical Engineer who have established distinguished careers in Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, respectively. IFMBE is, through its Awards Committee, responsible for the selection of the Biomedical Engineer to be awarded.

In order to submit a nomination, please send a Curriculum Vitae together with a proposal pointing out in detail nominee’s contributions with special attention to the established criteria (IFMBE Policies and Procedures, Section 4 Awards and Recognition).

The nominations should be sent by 30 June 2011 to the Chairman of the IFMBE Awards Committee, Prof. Dr. Sc. Ratko Magjarevic at


IFMBE Honorary Life Members Election 2012

(Closed July 15, 2011)

To nominate an individual, please complete the enclosed Nomination Form. Provide sufficient detail for the committee to make an informed decision. Use additional pages if necessary.

The form should be emailed to Prof James Goh, IFMBE Secretary-General at by July 15, 2011.

Please be reminded that the nomination process must be confidential. You are not to inform the individual you are nominating so as to prevent embarrassment in the event that he or she is not elected.