2015 Call for Nominations

Call for Laura Bassi Award

(Closed: 21 March 2015)


Laura Bassi Award for Outstanding Female Researcher in Medical and Biological Engineering


The Laura Bassi award is presented by IFMBE every three years at the World Congress. The Laura Bassi award will be given to a senior female biomedical engineer for outstanding research contributions in the field of medical and biological engineering.


The criteria for nominations include innovation and outstanding research contributions to medical and biological engineering. The awardee will receive prize money of 3,000 euros to attend the World Congress 2015 in Toronto where the award will be presented. The awardee will be required to make a scientific presentation in the area of the awardee’s expertise at the World Congress.

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Call for Chair of IFMBE Council of Societies

(Closed: 22 March 2015)


IFMBE is now seeking nominations for the Chair of IFMBE Council of Societies (CoS), for the 2015 – 2018 term.


The term of office for the present Chair of IFMBE CoS (Dr. Andrel C. Linnenbank) will expire at the World Congress 2015 after serving for one term (2012 – 2015 term). It is to be noted that the IFMBE Council of Societies Chair holds a seat in the IFMBE Administrative Council.


Each Society may appoint any of its delegates interested in becoming IFMBE Council of Societies Chair to become candidates for election. In order for a Society to nominate a candidate, the society must be in good standing with the annual membership dues payment to IFMBE. It is expected that the society contacts the nominated candidate to confirm their willingness to serve as IFMBE CoS Chair.

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Call for IFMBE/IAMBE Early Career Award

Closed: 01 March 2015


The new IFMBE/IAMBE Early Career Award (ECA) highlights the commitment of the IFMBE to support and encourage promising young researchers at an early stage in their career. The Award consists of a certificate and a monetary award. Awards are given at each IFMBE World Congress to one individual from each of the following four geographic regions: North America, Central & South America, Europe & Africa, Asia-Pacific. Particular emphasis is given to countries with a low economic background, and to geographical diversity.

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Call for IFMBE Officers, AC & Division Members

Closed: 15 January 2015


IFMBE is now seeking nominations for:

A) IFMBE Officers’ positions, namely, President-Elect, Secretary-General, and Treasurer, for the 2015 – 2018 term

B) Two (02) Administrative Council (AC) Members to serve two successive terms (2015 – 2018 and 2018 – 2021).

C) Six (06) Division Members to serve for two successive terms (2015 – 2018 and 2018 – 2021); consisting of three (3) members for the Clinical Engineering Division (CED) and three (3) members for the Healthcare Technology Assessment Division (HTAD)

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Call for Awards

Closed: 31 January 2015


At the World Congress on Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics 2015 in Toronto, Canada, IFMBE will be giving out the following AWARDS:

1. Otto Schmitt Award
2. Vladimir K. Zworykin Award
3. John A. Hopps Distinguished Service Award
4. IUPESM Awards of Merit

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Call for Honorary Life Members

Closed: 31 January 2015


IFMBE is now seeking nominations for Honorary Life Members

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