IFMBE is now seeking nominations for  the Chair of IFMBE Council of Societies (CoS), for the 2015-2018 term.

The term of office for the present Chair of IFMBE CoS (Dr. Andrel C. Linnenbank) will expire at the World Congress 2015 after serving for one term (2012-2015 term). It is to be noted that the IFMBE Council of Societies Chair holds a seat in the IFMBE Administrative Council.

Each Society may appoint any of its delegates interested in becoming IFMBE Council of Societies Chair to become candidates for election. In order for a Society to nominate a candidate, the society must be in good standing with the annual membership dues payment to IFMBE. It is expected that the society contacts the nominated candidate to confirm their willingness to serve as IFMBE CoS Chair.

Each candidate must submit a signed document including a photograph, a brief biography (not to exceed 200 words), and a position statement (not to exceed 200 words) of potential actions and contributions to IFMBE Council of Societies if elected. It is to be noted that the present Chair of the Council of Societies may also express his interest to continue in the Chair’s position for one more term. A self-nomination or nomination by a Constituent Society along with supporting documents as stated are to be submitted.

The deadline for submission of documents for nomination for the position of Chair of CoS is March 22, 2015. Upon receipt of the documents pertaining to the nomination of Chair of the Council of Societies, they will be forwarded to the IFMBE Nomination Committee for review and approval.

Based on the approval by the Nomination Committee, we will announce to the IFMBE Constituent Societies the names of the nominated candidates with individual biography and position statement for election. The election process will be conducted during the General Assembly at the World Congress 2015 in Toronto.
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Closing date: 22 March 2015
Send completed form to: [email protected] with a copy to [email protected]