The World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO) opened a call to renew the hosts of two of the Federation’s committees, i.e.:

– the Committee on Information and Communication (CIC)

– the Committee on Women in Engineering (CWIE)

Proposals to host a STC can only be submitted by national members of the WFEO. IFMBE urges national BME societies affiliated to WFEO or national engineering societes which include national BME societies affiliated to WFEO to consider the Call. The deadline is 15 January 2024.

As for all committees, the proposals shall include
• A draft strategic plan for a 4-year term (2024-2027). This term can be renewed once. The Strategic Plan must comprise a draft budget for the same period, a schedule of activities and deliverables such as workshops, conferences, publications, reports, partnerships, and a clear explanation of how the plan articulates with the relevant UN SDGs (with a main focus on no more than one SDG).

  • A formal submission on letterhead signed by the head of the National Member organization, including a commitment to fund the committee’s proposed budget, and a nomination of the proposed Chair of the committee;
  • The CV of the proposed Chair.

For any guidance regarding the STCs or PICs, please refer to WFEO’s Rules of procedure, Article 3 and Annex C.

For any additional information, please contact Mr. Théophane Bélaud