IFMBE seeks an internationally recognized, experienced researcher/academic with editorial and publishing track record in conjunction with leadership, networking, and communication skills in the field of Biomedical engineering to serve as the Editor-in-Chief (EiC) of the official journal “Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing (MBEC)”. The initial term for EiC is 3 years followed by a renewable period of 3 additional years.

MBEC is one of the oldest journals in the field of biomedical engineering tracing its roots going back almost 60 years. It is published and distributed worldwide by Springer-Nature and continues to serve world-wide biomedical engineering community, presenting exciting and vital experimental and theoretical developments in biomedical sciences and technologies, multidisciplinary clinical applications, and reporting on advances in computer-based methodologies. In addition, the journal is expected to adapt and evolved to embrace new and evolving technologies such as micro and nano technologies, cellular/tissue engineering and molecular imaging, and emerging computational disciplines of bioinformatics, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

EiC for MBEC should be a respected leaders in the international biomedical engineering community with the superior ability to make diligent and timely decisions. Information on the EiC’s role and responsibilities is available at Interested persons or nominators are requested to send candidate’s Curriculum Vitae, three professional references with contact details as well as Include a personal note describing any editorial and publishing experience, present the vision and strategic plan for the recognition and the growth of MBEC and describe the experience, time and resources available or needed to execute the responsibilities of the EIC.

IFMBE MBEC EiC Search Committee will hold interviews with the short-listed candidates and submit their recommendation for the approval by IFMBE Administrative Council and the Publisher. The announcement of the new EiC for MBEC will be made by June 17, 2022, at the World Congress 2022 to be held in Singapore. Funds are provided to the Editor-in-Chief for administrative support.

The deadline for applications/nominations with supporting documents is May 15, 2022.
Submit the application to the IFMBE Editor-in-Chief Search Committee at
Email: [email protected] and
copy email to: [email protected].

Any queries on the EiC position and related details can be sent the IFMBE EiC Search Committee at [email protected].

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