The 77th World Health Organization’s World Health Assembly (WHA) was held from May 27th to June 1st, at the United Nations in Geneva. Two IFMBE Delegates, Prof. Marc Nyssen and Prof. Kang-Ping Lin attended the whole process. On May 28th, six NGOs including IFMBE, IOMP, Humatem, IFHE, WASPaLM, and WFNMB jointly made an important statement, regarding medical devices and biomedical engineers on the agenda point for WHO’s Work Plan 14 for 2025-2028 (see below). This statement has been accepted by the WHA77 and is included in the minutes of this meeting.

During the meeting, Prof. Nyssen and Prof. Lin held face-to-face meetings with both the Director Dr. Deus Mubangizi and the Team Leader Adriana Velazquez Berumen, the Health Products & Standards Department, to exchange opinions on the future planning strategy of medical devices by the WHO. Adriana specifically pointed out that access to medical oxygen and to all diagnostics are a priority,  as mandated by the approved resolutions, and will be reported next year in the Executive Board. At the same time, it was also learned that the 2024 WHO’s Global Forum on Medical Devices will be held for three days on 3, 4, and 5 December 2024 at the WHO Headquarters in Geneva. This Forum’s formal announcement will be made in the near future.