After seven days of voting by 160 IFMBE delegates of national biomedical societies from 78 affiliated societies, the Election Committee announced the result of the vote on Sunday, 8th October 2023. 

For the new IFMBE treasurer with the term of office until October 2025 was elected Professor Maria Fernanda Cabrera Umpiérrez from Spain.  

So, who is our new treasurer? 

Dr. Maria Fernanda Cabrera is Telecommunication Engineer, with a PhD in Biomedical Engineering, working as Associate Professor of Bioengineering at the Telecommunication Engineering School. She is the Director of Life Supporting Technologies (LifeSTech) research group, the Financial Director of the universAAL IoT Coallition (UiC) and secretary of ACTIVAGE.ORG association. 

In addition to her role in teaching, she undertakes integral positions as a project coordinator and technical manager in various European and Spanish research-funded projects. Her contributions encompass acting as a project coordinator, technical lead, or quality manager in a portfolio of over 20 research initiatives supported by the European Commission. With a remarkable track record, she has led more than 60 European research projects as the Principal Investigator, underscoring her ability in orchestrating impactful research endeavors. Her field of expertise spans a broad spectrum of applications in the domains of the ICT applied to different sectors like digital health and social inclusion. This includes areas such as services personalization, human computer interaction, telemedicine, and enhancing digital accessibility. She stands as the author of an extensive body of work comprising over 100 scientific papers featured in both national and international journals. 

She is member of the editorial board of the IEEE Open Journal of Engineering in Medicine and Biology and cofounder of the Committee for Women Engineering activities of the IEEE BHI conference. 


Position Statement 

I am thrilled to express my keen interest in assuming the vital role of Treasurer within our esteemed Society of Biomedical Engineering. With a strong academic background and a passion for contributing to the growth and success of our field, I believe that my dedication, financial acumen, and organizational skills make me a highly qualified candidate for this important position. I bring my consolidated experience in administrative management of European Funded research projects. I am well-versed in software and tools that will facilitate accurate record-keeping and reporting, ensuring the society’s financial health. As a person who believes in the significance of attention to detail, I am committed to maintaining accurate financial records for Society. I understand the importance of transparent financial reporting, which is crucial for building trust among members and stakeholders. I am a strong believer in open communication and collaboration. If elected as Treasurer, I will work closely with fellow executive board members and society members to address financial concerns, answer queries, and offer financial insights that support decision-making. Regular updates and transparent financial reporting will be my priority to foster a sense of inclusivity and engagement. I am dedicated to contributing to the Society’s long-term financial planning. This includes identifying opportunities for revenue growth, seeking sponsorships, and optimizing the allocation of funds to ensure that our society continues to flourish and provide valuable experiences to its members. Ethical financial practices are paramount in ensuring the Society’s integrity. I pledge to uphold the highest standards of transparency and integrity in all financial matters, adhering to relevant regulations and guidelines. My commitment to ethical conduct will ensure that the Society’s financial affairs remain above reproach. 

These words were recognized by our delegates, and they decided to support Professor Cabrero to manage the finances of the society. 

We welcome Prof. Cabrera and wish her success, happiness, and mutual satisfaction in the position of IFMBE treasurer.