Clinical Engineering Division

About CED

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CED Vision Statement:


To become an international forum for developing and promoting of the clinical engineering profession resulting in improvement of global healthcare delivery through the advancement of safe and effective innovation, management and deployment of healthcare technology.

The IFMBE is the only international professional federation that has a Clinical Engineering Division focusing specifically on the life cycle management of healthcare technology and embracing all those who professionally practice in the clinical engineering field, whether in academic institutions, health care facilities, industry, business, voluntary sector, or government.


CED Mission Statement:


– To advance worldwide learning, research, knowledge, deployment and communication of healthcare technology management within the clinical engineering community and its understanding by other stake holders.

– To promote global communication, networking, and understanding of challenges related to healthcare technology management.

– To define and promote an international body of knowledge, skills and competences on which the profession of clinical engineering can be practiced in various clinical setting.

– To advance and disseminate worldwide safety tools and effective decision-making processes within the healthcare technology management system.

– To define and promote quality standards in clinical engineering practices worldwide.

– To stimulate innovation and efficient use of technology-related resources in healthcare worldwide.

– To internationally represent and advocate the interests of the profession of clinical engineers and their global exchange.

– To encourage, through education and training, clinical engineering practices and processes worldwide.

Board Members


Ernesto IADANZA (Italy, 2012-2018)



Tom JUDD, Secretary (USA, 2015-2021)
Mladen POLUTA, Treasurer (South Africa, 2015-2021)
Saide CALIL, Elected Member (Brasil, 2012-2018)
Tony EASTY, Elected Member (Canada, 2012-2018)
Paolo LAGO, Elected Member (Italy, 2015-2021)
Ewa ZALEWSKA, Elected Member (Poland, 2012-2018)
Yadin DAVID, Coopted Member (USA, 2015-2018)
James WEAR, Coopted Member (USA, 2015-2018)


CED Collaborators

Niranjan KHAMBETE (India)
Zhivko BLIZNAKOV (Bulgaria)
~ Other Collaborating Members to be announced ~

Professional Recognition

Over the past couple of years, the CED Awards Committee initiated and refined this unique clinical engineering recognition program.

There are three categories for the recognition program: Individual contribution, Team contribution, and Best Published Paper.

Please visit the CED Awards webpage for more details.

Past Board Members

Elected Members

Saide Jorge CALIL – Chairman (Brazil,2012-2018)
Ernesto IADANZA – Secretary (Italy, 2012-2018)
Ewa ZALEWSKA (Poland, 2012-2018)
Tony EASTY (Canada, 2012-2018)
Yadin DAVID (USA, 2009-2015)
Mario MEDVEDEC (Croatia, 2009-2015)
Nils PETTERSEN (Sweden, 2009-2015)

Co-opted members

James WEAR – USA
Dan ZHOU – China

CED Collaborators

Albert POON – Hong Kong
Antonio GIBERTONI – Brazil
Niranjan KHAMBETE – India
Paolo LAGO – Italy
Shauna MULLALLY – Canada