IFMBE Treasurer, Prof Olaf Lindahl, has resigned due to personal reasons.  Consequently, IFMBE Treasurer’s position is to be filled and IFMBE is seeking nominations for the position of Treasurer for the term September 2023 to September 2025.

Each constituent National and Transnational Society of IFMBE may nominate a suitable candidate keenly interested in applying for the position of IFMBE Treasurer.  A reference document stating the duties and responsibilities of the IFMBE Treasurer is attached. In order for a constituent Society to nominate the candidate for Treasurer’s position, the society must be in good standing with the annual membership dues payment to IFMBE. It is expected that the society contacts the nominated candidate to confirm the candidate’s willingness to serve in the position of IFMBE and asks the candidate to submit a signed document including a photograph, a brief biography (not to exceed 200 words), and a position statement (not to exceed 200 words) describing the background enabling suitability as the Treasurer and proposing potential actions and contributions to IFMBE if elected. The nomination document must use the format of the attached IFMBE Nomination Form. After ensuring that the candidate has met the specified criteria, the candidate’s information will be passed on to the IFMBE Nomination Committee for review and approval.

The Nominating Committee will review and forward the list of approved candidates with supporting documents for onward transmission to the constituent societies for election.  Due to the time constraints, the elections will be conducted by electronic voting and the result will be announced to the IFMBE constituent societies.

Fully completed Nomination documents should be submitted to:

Secretary General, IFMBE

Email: [email protected] with CC to [email protected]


Closing Date for Nominations: 5th September 2023

  1. View here the Reference Document Responsibilities of IFMBE Treasurer
  2. Download here the IFMBE-Treasurer Nomination-Form 2023